Project and Strategy management

„Scientific investigation is rapidly putting at our disposal vast amounts of knowledge concerning materials and forces, which it is the business of the engineer to utilize for the benefit of the community.” – Henry Gantt, 1910

We chose to support our customers and partners by creating a mature Project Management Office, consisting of passionate people with over 10 years experience which are strongly motivated by the idea of international concepts adapted to local needs.

Your needs will be covered through the experience and training of our consultants, whether it relates to IT projects (development and implementation of IT solutions and services, defining policies and procedures, upgrading IT infrastructure), infrastructure projects, education projects and external funded projects.

Our team’s priorities focuses on customers and fulfilling each project’s objectives, using specific techniques of project management, risk management, and business analysis. The main methodology we use follows the principles formulated by PMI (Project Management Institute – USA), but everything is adapted to the realities and characteristics of each project.

Our team of experts took charge of a wide range of projects which required the application of techniques of communication, planning, negotiation, and conflict management. This flexible approach has allowed us to benefit from the appreciation of our customers and the pleasant experience of many successful projects that have made a real contribution in the development of certain services or institutions.